Streamer/Viewer Q&A for "bounty" credit

I’m considering implementing a system where streamers could post questions about their gameplay or the games that they’re playing to their viewers. They would assign a “bounty” for the answer to the question, and viewers could compete with one another to offer the most helpful answers during a stream.

Example use cases:

  1. Streamer dies playing a game and wants to know what they could’ve done better to avoid the death. They ask the question and over the next minute or two get answers from viewers who may have ideas.
  2. Streamer doesn’t know about a small game mechanic and wants clarification. They ask the question to the viewers and any viewer who may know the answer can chime in.
  3. Streamer is considering a giveaway and wants to allow users to suggest the prize.

I’m considering the following features:

  • “Bounty” system where a streamer can assign a point value to any viewer who gives what the streamer considers a “correct” (or satisfactory) answer
  • Leaderboard for the viewers who are responding with the most helpful answers
  • Upvote/Downvote for other viewers’ answers. This may help remove duplicate answers and gives viewers a chance to participate without needing to write their own full answers
  • Monetization of the “bounty” points: viewers can cash out their bounty points for real money

Probably not a trivial extension to implement, so I’m trying to gauge whether or not people would find this useful before I decide whether or not to dive in. Let me know what you think.