Streamer white list for extension


i’m not sure i understand how the streamer whitelist work in acces panel of extension.

If i allow a specific streamer he can install the extension, but how about is community ? can they use the extension in the live of this streamer?

or should i leave the white list blanck ?

thank for your help

The Streamer Allowlist limits who can Install an Extension, but does not limit who can interact with an Extension.

So if you was to put streamer xyz on the Allow List, then only they can install it, but anyone going to xyz’s channel can view and interact with it.

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ok nice. i was acking because for the test account white list it’s not working like that. if i allow a streamer, his viewers can’t use the extension if there are not in the test list to.

thanks @Dist

The testing allow list is different, until an Extension has passed review and been released it’s not possible for any user to interact with the Extension unless they are the developer, or on the testing allow list.

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