Streamers Ban watchers for there own reasons

This twitch rules obviously dont apply to the streamers I see? I have had this happen in more then one occasion but lets just take the last one. I was watching this quickybaby stream and said this exact sentence ( bad math and bad spelling ) nothing else was even said after it besides a circon face with a open mouth. I got a ban for this and now can anyone tell me what and where in the twitch rules is the reason for this ban? I was talking about myself and not any other person or streamer that was in this stream. Now this streamer talks trash about other players in the game he plays and also even sometimes about his own followers watching the stream. Now I see that the twitch developers or what have you do not even check up on this type of stuff. I see the streamers Moderators can just ban watchers for there own reasons and I have seen this many many times… Now I see that this company does nothing about when people report these streamers for breaking the twitch rules and violations. This company really needs to fix alot of there problems that they have been lackluster about.

This is the third party developer forums.

We cannot help you.

Channels set their own rules and criteria for banning. You are best talking to one of the channel mods or the broadcaster themselves. may also be able to help you further.

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