Streamers can't choose our game

Hello, we are developers of Terminus (
Twitch streamers have informed us that they cannot select our game from categories. Our game is the third one with a cover image (left).
They said that when they choose our game, the category moves to a different Terminus game that is not ours (right).
Could you help streamers choose our game correctly?

There is a uservoice tracking this issue here

Twitch doesn’t handle name collisions at the moment

@Ingeon Thanks for the post. I would suggest mentioning this to the IGDB team in the Discord server in case they are unaware of duplicate names or specifically a duplicate names issue for Terminus. Sharing the UserVoice entry Barry mentioned may also be appreciated.

@jbulava Thanks for the reply. We changed the name after knowing that Twitch doesn’t support distinguishing games with the same name.
The name change has been reflected in IGDB; how long will it take for Twitch?

I’m glad to hear you were able to update the title on IGDB. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar enough with the syncing process between IGDB and Twitch categories to provide an estimate.

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