Streamers live status on website

 Hello guys, I am working on my own IPB forum and I am trying to create a list with streamers (about 5) and their status.

 I am pretty sure that there are many request like this one, but  everything I found is old and not working.

Here are some examples I found in internet, but couldnt make em work:

Both are showing offline, even if the streamer is online.

Thank you friends.

Neither of those scripts is sending the required client ID.

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I read that topic :
and it says “Add the Client-ID to the header of your request.”

I got my Client ID, but dont know how to build the full code:

This works for me:


<script src=""></script>


$.getJSON("", function(c) {
  if ( == null) {
  } else {

I believe you may need to include your client_id on the request as well, I didn’t try using your entire script though.

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Thank you so much man. I made it work.

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