Streaming Key problem

I’ve an issue with starting streaming, and sent a mail about this: in reference to Case #02697640
But I only receive bot responding for 3 times…

I want to start streaming with my guild leaders, but I never used Twitch before, so no idea how it works.
One of my leaders login into the account, since then it is asking me to verify the account (so we can receive the streaming key) with my phone number…

Sorry, but I’m never going to give my phone number, you guys don’t need that…
I just want an account, for my leaders to use, that’s all.

  1. How do I do that?
  2. Can the support somehow delete this ridiculous phone number verification please.


One of the security measures for accounts to be able to stream now is to have 2 Factor Authentication enabled on the account, and as such a number is needed for that 2FA process.

This is a security measure to protect your account, and also help prevent malicious users on the platform, and so there is no way around it. If you don’t wish to enable 2FA on your account then you will be unable to stream on Twitch.

Thanks tho for the quick reply.

Then can someone explain me how to make a shared account, without getting this nonsense… asking for verification after one of my leaders login.
I will delete the account, and remake it xD

You can’t share accounts on Twitch, at least not with prior permission from Twitch as 4.a of the ToS says:
Unless expressly permitted in writing by Twitch, you may not sell, rent, lease, share or provide access to your account to anyone else

All new accounts require 2FA. It doesn’t matter if you remake it, or who logs in to it, one of the security requirements for all new accounts is that 2FA has to be enabled to be able to get and use a stream key.

Then why are they asking for a phone number?
All older accounts don’t have to do this, I asked many of my guild members, and they didn’t had to give phone number.
And it is not my own account, I only created one, just for the leader team to start streaming, depending who of us are hosting the guild raids.

I’m sorry but there must be another way, a company will NEVER ask for personal content. And a phone number is.

As I have said, it’s a security measure and required by all new accounts. It’s needed for 2 Factor Authentication. If you need a guide on enabling it there is this help page

If you are unwilling to enable 2FA on the account you will not be able to stream. There is no other option and Twitch is not going to to let you bypass a security measure designed not only to make your account more secure but also to help protect the platform.

Yes i know, lol i got that point…
But I meant, every damn game, software, company etc. Is hyped for those 2-step-verification, they all want people to do it. for Security etc, fully understandable.
But they don’t ask for phone number, only Twitch does… which i do not trust.
Asking for personal content is can’t be legal, its against the law.
So because I don’t trust this, and don’t see it being useful… I was hoping to find an answer on Twitch Forum, perhaps technical Support.
Maybe to set my account back in the ‘old’ state? (cuz before this update people didn’t need to give their freaking phone number to receive streaming key). If i give up my phone number, they will sell it. and i will be called all day in/out by weird Chinees dudes, trying to sell me stuff etc >.>

This forum is meant for 3rd party application developers so no one will be able to provide a final answer here. You will need to contact support at

Oh o.o
Alright, uhm thanks

Mhm, says topic is closed…
They should give the opportunity for selecting your way to secure your own account.
Forcing for giving up your phone number can’t be real.

I guess I’ve to find someone with an old account or 2nd account, perhaps that might work.
Cuz it clearly seems nobody can get it to his mind, that asking for a phone number is ridiculous and unnecessary!

No, it’s not against the law at all. Twitch fully complies with the law and provides a privacy police on how your data is used: -

As has been said, Twitch aren’t going to let your circumvent security measures, your account wont be reverted to an ‘old’ state.

As others have said.

You will need to enable 2FA on your Twitch Account. There are several ways to do this, Twitch is using a third party service to do this called authy whom primarily send your Txt Messages with your 2fa code. (most other places tend to do this as the backup rather than the primary but it’s a toss up)

Once you have done this you can invite your Guild Leaders to use the same account via


But all users should have 2FA enabled on your account for your security.

Covers 2FA for Twitch.

I will not be surprised, if Twitch requires 2FA for ALL streamers at some point, but even if you have a older account will will require 2FA for Affiliate and above in order to protect your details.

You already gave your Email address and no it’s not illegal, it’s standard security practices to help protect, you, your account and the platform

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