Streaming live music

Hello everyone! I’m planning on streaming improvised rapping/singing and was wondering if there’s a way for me to request and receive beats from viewers. In other words, I’ll go live and ask anyone to send me a beat and I’ll freestyle over it. I have a few questions regarding this…

Is there a way I can do this legally?

can viewers send me files through chat?

If they can, Is that safe?

Thank you so much for any help with my first question on the forums!

Ask a lawyer is the best advice, if you don’t own the rights to the content you wish to broadcast you may get in trouble.

So contact a lawyer.

Chat doesn’t have method to transfer files, sounds like you need a Twitch extension or a way for someone to upload files somewhere and post a link to it in chat

ehhhhh shrug

never trust content anyone sense without passing it thru a virus scanner first.

You may want to consult the Twitch Reddit.

This forum is more for thrid party developers, and the discussion about API’s and development. The closest thing you get to that is the possible Twitch Extension for people to submit files to you.