Streams API Suddenly stopped working for me

I promote Twitch TV on my website by showing a line of people who are currently live streaming the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. I use the api callémon+Trading+Card+Game+Online
and it has suddenly (last couple of days I think) started returning zero results even though there are people streaming.
It does not return an error, just an empty data set.

Please note the name of the game in Twitch is Pokémon Trading Card Game with the é
I also tried
Pokemon instead of Pok%C3%A9mon and
And encodeURI
other games as well and nothing returns a result :frowning:
Does anyone else have an example of this call that is returning results so I can continue to bang my head against it?

I’ve asked the team about this. Will keep you posted!

+1 - This has broken multiple apps I maintain.

And it’s working again… :-/

Correct. The team corrected the error in the API based on this report. :slight_smile:

This is broken again. :frowning:

Any word on this problem? I am developing an app and am able to return results when searching Channels but get an empty array when searching Streams. Thank you!

Yep, it’s stopped working again.
What up Dallas?

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