/streams/featured content language

From my experience /streams/featured returns results bundled by a random broadcasting language. It doesn’t seem to coincide with any locale information from the requester (neither IP location nor preferred languages). So far I’ve seen featured streams for en, fr, de, es, jp and probably others.

The endpoint doesn’t seem to take a language parameter either, so it’s essentially useless, since there is no guarantee that the result will be useful to the user.

It would be useful if one could control the returned language with a parameter.

What is your use case for filtering by language directly from the API rather than filtering on the returned result set? Interested in how you’re using it and what would be useful. :slight_smile:

The featured api kind of sucks right now, because it’s not really featured streams but rather ‘people who could potentially be featured streams’

There are some post-filtering you can do to get actual featured streams (or likely featured streams somewhere), but typically filtering on request makes it easier for the client to consume, when they know only relevant data will be returned.

It’s a trade off: All your third party developers having to implement their own filtering rules (Lots of time for all developers while they learn the endpoint, figure out the filters they need, how to process it in their language, etc) or having official supported filters on twitch side (requires more time for internal development)

Arguments for both sides, and comes down to how important third party developer time is verse internal developer time, and how important you think that endpoint is (and the amount of resources required to retrieve/filter it on twitch side)

The result returned by the API is already filtered by broadcaster_language. One that is randomly chosen, so it’s not really possible to do that work client side, unless you just scrape the API until you get an acceptable broadcaster_language.

@DallasNChains any chance we might see an improvement of the situation on this API endpoint?

Likely not in the short term. I’ll have to chat with the team about this endpoint and see what we provide. I did some initial investigation on this, and there is a geo parameter, which would help narrow down the list you’re getting from that endpoint. I have to make sure we want to support that for third parties.

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Can you provide an example of a geo query? (Or add it to the docs and I can look it up myself?)

As I said in my last message, I have to make sure we want to support the parameter for third parties. I’ll get back to you soon!

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