Streams not working in v5

I’m not able to get any streams info to return in the V5 API. Is this still working? It always returns 0 items for me.

Works fine for me

What request are you making?

I’m trying to get the live streams migrating from V3 to V5.

The URL is:

You cannot load multiple streams by ID/Username at once with v5

It’s not possible at all or I need to use a different resource? I really liked this ability.

This didn’t work on v3 either iirc

You can use the New API however:

Ok, I’m trying to resurrect an app I made with V3 to V5 first before going to the new API since it’s so different.

It worked perfect in V3.

I rechecked the docs: (or was stabbed to)


You need to be using the users TwitchID not username

Everything on v5 is userID rather than username

Thank you for all the help!

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