/streams/ returning a user object instead of channel

This is related to Twitch API Bugged...? but I’ve since narrowed down the error and the other thread seems to have gone stale.

The /streams/ and /stream/ endpoint is sometimes responding with a user object on the channel property. Seems to happen randomly but it seems to be happening often enough that I can reproduce it every few minutes.

I ran some numbers and over the past day, 0.94% (sample size of 192,209) of the stream objects I pulled showed this issue. Hopefully this helps, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Here is an example:

Not trying to be an annoyance, but can I get a confirmation on this? At least that someone from Twitch has read it? Happy to provide any data to help narrow down or with confirmation.

Thanks for the response, night. Do you know if there is somewhere to find “Known bugs” as requested the quoted thread? The github repo doesn’t seem to be maintained, I’m not sure where else to look.

Thanks Night, for being more useful than the actual Twitch staff. I love how they tell us that it’s just our fault and take forever to follow-up…

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