Streams turning into videos confusion

Hi, new API user here.

I am interested in API data about user videos, specifically the videos that are created automatically from a users streaming activity.

I’m a little confused about how this works though, as I am not sure when exactly the video is created? From a cursory observation it seems the the video of the stream is created as the stream is being streamed live. The issue I have is when I query the users videos, I see that the duration is a certain length (eg 5 mins). However querying again an hour later (while the stream is still live) returns the same video object but now with a duration of 1h5m. I would ideally like to get the video when it is fully complete, and can’t seem to find a way to tell whether the video is “done” or not.

My only idea so far is to hold off querying the video while the streamer is streaming, which I think might work. Any help would be appreciated!

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