Submit Docker Image for Extension Review?

Hello all,

My biggest problem with the Twitch extension developer process is review, which lately takes longer than ever before. I minified my extension code and due to this Twitch requires I submit build instructions and source code along with the extension itself.

It seems every time I submit my code the Twitch review team is unable to run it on their machines, this ends up causing literal weeks of back and fourth between me and the Twitch review team attempting to get them to run my code.

This is a common problem that Docker was created to resolve, however I do not think Twitch would accept the extension source files in a format like this, or am I wrong?

Thanks for the info.

Do you know what specifically are the issues that prevent them running your Extension? Extensions are just websites, HTML, JS, CSS, etc… If the Twitch review team have issues getting it to work correctly then chances are a portion of Twitch viewers would have issues too.

If the issue is with building your source code, then I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue where Twitch have had issues with any of the Extensions I’ve submitted and the submitted source code, so again perhaps this is a problem with your source/build process rather than on Twitch’s side and their machines.

While I appreciate that your code is flawless, and runs perfectly everywhere, us mere mortals sometimes have problems. I agree our processes could be improved, perhaps by using a Docker container? A lot of web apps do that now. If this wasn’t an issue why would Docker even exist then? Could Twitch improve it’s process or is that simply out of the question?

Sorry to be curt but your answer is kind of condescending. Obviously there may be some issues on my side of things, but again this is why Docker was created. To eliminate the problems of my environment/build process vs yours. Just seems like the process Twitch uses here is kind of antiquated is all I am saying.

It’s great it works for you, I am saying that it does not work great for me, and maybe it could be improved by using Docker.

Twitch Environment for extensions is a plain/dumb NGINX Server, serving static content.

Twitch, it would seem, does not want to run docker, or dockerised contains of peoples code. As they just want to serve static/simple content.

Docker brings it’s own issues to the table when Twitchs current CDN is just a “dumb” static server.

Sure you could make a uservoice to suggest Docker, but at the moment the CDN is just “dumb”/plain HTTP server. This is as simple as possible without the possibility of docker running gawd knows what.

I don’t think docker will help or solve any issues.

Edit: Lets say theres 1000 extensions. and all 1000 extension run docker. Thats 1000 instances of docker that twitch is running for extensions instead of a single nginx install.

Edit B: heres the uservoice if you wish to submit a suggestion for Twitch to allow Docker for extension Site Deactivated – Twitch UserVoice But I don’t think it’s feasible or sensible

Hey Barry,

Appreciate the response, definitely makes sense from the hosting side to keep things simple, I guess my issue is more with the review process. As I know my source code compiles and works correctly on my machine, and of course the extension itself works fine on Twitch. However, getting it to compile on a completely new system always seems to come with headaches. I often have to confirm the version of node or npm the reviewer is using in order for the extension to compile for them correctly.

Submitting a Docker image file for review instead would take a lot of that guesswork out of the process. Instead of me having to create and submit detailed environment setup and build instructions, an environment that I know will run and compile the code could be submitted via Docker instead.

From a hosting perspective it makes sense they want to keep things simple, but for review it would be great if we could use Docker to take out some of the guess work.

When you submit compile instructions then you might want to include the required node version in your “how to build notes”. Or even ship in your zip/how to build zip the node modules or a node instance.

Docker for review might be a option, but you need a uservoice.

But comes with it’s own security implications since a docker image might contain bad stuff and then we are dealing with amazon security. shrug

While the sarcasm is funny, I never said my code is flawless, just that none of the Extensions I’ve authored or consulted on have ever run into this issue. What you’re suggesting could add additional overhead and delays where there may be alternative solutions to your Extension design that would allow it to pass review without issue or need for Docker in the first place.

OK that makes sense, I can see security being a concern regardless + Amazon :frowning:

I agree that including my repos readme file in the zip is a good idea, did not think of that before but that will help and save time for me.

As a dev my gut instinct is just like automate everything! Hence why I am looking for a way to streamline this process without manual written notes or something.

Thanks for the feedback.

haha well I mean you did say that you didn’t THINK that you have EVER had an issue with your submitted code.

I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue where Twitch have had issues with any of the Extensions I’ve submitted and the submitted source code

Still very condescending in tone, implying that because you have never had problems I must be the one at fault. The fact you have never had problems does not mean that the Twitch submission process does not have problems or that the issue is automatically related to how I build my extension.

If you had left off the last paragraph your reply would not have seemed so rude.

I’m not intending to be rude, just stating that through numerous extensions, version reviews, I’ve not had an issue that has been due to a build process since the initial inception of Extensions on Twitch. Additionally out of all of the Extension developers that have come through the forums, the TwitchDev Discord, there have been many times where Extension review is delayed but I’ve not seen anyone else but you reporting a fault with a build process during review that is the cause of a delay.

If you want to submit a feature request, awesome, go to the appropriate place for that which is UserVoice. If you think this is a widespread issue beyond just yourself then lets see as such in the feature request feedback from other developers. Perhaps this is some sort of widespread issue that people just haven’t been reporting, who knows until you make the UserVoice post and see.

Appreciate you trying to help here, but I would personally recommend working on the tone of your written posts. You come off as very hostile IMO.