Subscribe/Resubscribe Events

Hi, I have been trying to get subscribe, follow, cheer, and raid events from twitch. I though according to the USERNOTICE tag from I could at least get subscribe events, however these events are not being sent to me, even though I have sent "CAP REQ and "CAP REQ after connection.

Any ideas on why I am not getting these events?

Your IRC parser doesn’t understand and emit USERNOTICE?

Log RAW output to be sure if you are receiving and it’s not your parser at fault.

I already am. I checked and on both sides of where is saw a notification for a subscription with twitch prime the chats were there but no usernotice in the middle.

I misread this

You need the COMMANDS CAP for USERNOTICE to tick

Thanks so much! Is it possible to use the same IRC client to get bits/cheers too?



with bits in tags

Sorry to keep bothering you - I just joined a stream and got this: USERNOTICE #drlupo, is there a way to see who was subscribing?

Parse the tags/data

Oh so I had to have requested tags too?


Sweet, thanks so much. Can I use IRC for follows too?


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