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I developed a custom twitch bot for a big streamer and am confused by the subscribers api.

In addition to the normal chat twitch client “TWITCHCLIENT 3”, looking for subscription messages, i am also getting all subscribers once per day via the subscribers api and looking for new ones. My problem is, the subscription has a created_at timestamp which refers to the time when the user subscribed, but where is the updated_at timestamp? I need to know whenever a subscription from a user automatically renewed, which the updated_at timestamp inside the user doesnt seem to refer to. Would it be possible to add / change this?



updated_at in the user object is the timestamp of when the user last updated their profile.

I have been looking at similar recently.
Basically you have to do the math yourself.
But looking at my PayPal Twitch renews the sub after the number of days that are in that month. So you can math from there.

Currently theres no notification or easy way to spot a automatic resub.
The other thing to consider is that the resubs tend to go thru in the early hours of UTC, (anything between 0am and 8am from my PayPal receipts). So theres no real worth to you doing a in chat notification if that is your aim. Because they’ll either all come in at once, or all fire when your caster is offline.

I Almost feared that this would be the case. I’m going to wait for dev response for a couple days and after that do a “solution” myself. This really sucks tbh since i doubt it would be more than 10 lines of code they would have to add for this api, but help us a lot.

Perhaps. I have heard rumours of changes to the Sub stuff in terms of Resubs so hopefully a change to the API too

Keeping the thread alive.

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