Subscriber API - Return list of subs

Hello, I was wondering if there is a subscriber API out there that returns all of the users that are currently subscribed to the channel. I know you can manually look up who is currently subscribed but I would like to get the list updated daily and then updated to a database.

Channels endpoint on kraken v5, 100 per page, can step through them all fairly quickly/cleanly.

GET<channel ID>/subscriptions

Reference | Twitch Developers

Cheers for the quick reply.

Where it says “This gets a list of up to 25 users” on the example curl request, does that mean only for that piece of code or is there a way to get the whole list? I am wanting to create a PHP script to get the whole list of currently subscribed users and then add it to a database

As per the docs linked.

Use the limit and offset parameters to paginate

and yeah, sorry, I should have said

up to 100 per page

with the limit set to max (100) it should only be a few pages for most people.

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