Subscriber/Follow count for Helix

Do we have support for subscriber/follower count for Helix ?
Saw posts from 2017/2018 asking the same question,
couldn’t find an update in forum,
couldn’t find the documentation.


the following gets my own subscriptions. right?

I can check check whether someone is subscribed to me, but I cant get the full list/count.

For follower count in helix you just use the Get Users Follows endpoint and set the to_id to the channel you want to see the follower count of.

As for subscriptions in Helix, both Get Broadcaster Subscriptions and Get Broadcaster’s Subscribers are worded VERY badly. Both endpoints are exactly the same, they return a list of all users subscribed TO the broadcaster (which is the use who’s token with the channel:read:subscriptions scope you’re using). All the latter endpoint does is then filter that list with the user_id param so you can check if users are subbed without using pagination to go through the whole results.

As for getting total number of subscribers, use the first endpoint (so the same as the 2nd endpoint but without using the user_id param) and page through all the results.

Having a ‘total’ field, as well as the fields for additional data from an undocumented endpoint that shows a breakdown of subs at each tier and points to next emote unlock, is something that several of us have asked for since these endpoints went live, especially a total field at the very least. Sadly there has been no word of changes yet, and the docs remain in a confusing state.

im at least eternally grateful for this response.
please go at them dev team for those features!
take my energy.

The total and breakdown fields indeed would be very much welcome.

Currently, the docs also contains typos. The example response of shows

  "data": [
      "broadcaster_id": "123"
      "broadcaster_name": "test_user"
      "is_gift" true,
      "tier": "1000",
      "plan_name": "The Ninjas",
      "user_id": "123",
      "user_name": "snoirf",
  "pagination": {
    "cursor": "xxxx"

Which is not even valid JSON (no commas after the first two fields, no colon after “is_gift”, and there should be no comma after “snoirf”)

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Various documentation issues exist and most of them including this one are logged and pending a fix/update

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