Subscriber Only OAuth private website page

Hello, I have my own website which I have dedicated a page for Subscriber only info and contact. I need the “Subscribers” button on the website to connect to this OAuth URI:

As you can see, this link works just fine on its own. It does what I need it to do - subscriber signs in via Twitch and then they are directed to my “Subscriber” only webpage.

I have searched these forums for additional information on how to implement this into my webpage. I seem to have hit a brick wall and I was curious if I needed to embed this link somewhere in the HTML or CSS of my websites theme?

Thank you for your help and time reading this!


(also, if this has already been addressed somewhere else on the forums, I must be blind. I have searched the past two days for a solution, so please go easy on me. I’m very new with this. Thank you!)

Does not making the subscribers navigation button a link to that URL not work? Am I missing something?

You simply have to take the URL in your post and make it into an HTML anchor tag on the page. From there, the user just clicks and goes through the OAuth flow.

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