Subscribers broken/delayed on v5?

Hi guys,

I just noticed, that our latest subscribers don’t show up in the".$twitch_user_id."/subscriptions?direction=desc&limit=100 - call.

It doesn’t matter if gifted or not.".$twitch_user_id works correctly with todays subscribers but still lacks a timestamp or anything I can uniquely identify that Subscription to check if it’s already in our database.

So what’s the deal with those new subs not showing up and why does the new API not have any timestamp or subscription id?


Ok, this morning the four missing subs finally appeared. So there was obviously some kind of delay. Can someone tell me more about that?
If that’s normal (did not happen before) it makes the v5 useless for our purpose (alerts).

There are a number of things missing from the new Subscribers API we have asked for them.



For more real time data, or pull them from chat via IRC USERNOTICE

Thanks. Sadly Webhooks seems not to work (IPv6 issue? “not found”). So Pubsub is the only chance we got left?

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