Subscription API's 'created_at' date not accurate

Hey all,

I’ve come across a few discrepancies where the ‘created_at’ date in list provided by Twitch API is different than what the re-sub notifications are when they share in chat.

Here is what I get from the API (I have removed the channel-specific information, but I am using the first ‘created_at’ and not the one that’s a child of the user.)


So as we can see, according to this, I have been subbed to this channel since October 15, 2015. However, I currently have a resub notification that I can share for 24 months (the true original sub date was sometime in August 2014).

I am working under the assumption that, if there was a lapse in subscription long enough to affect the created_at date, it would also restart the ‘shareable notification’ in chat. Is this assumption correct?

If so, any ideas as to how it can be resolved? If my assumption is incorrect, then I can also just use the ‘msg-param-months’ tag to correct it - but really just looking to get this clarified.

If your subscription ends, you have up to 30 days to resub without losing your streak, but the created_at will update when you resub manually.

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Sounds good! Thanks for confirming it :slight_smile: At least we have the tag to manually ‘guesstimate’ the original date.

As somebody who has completely reworked his subscription “parsing” system, let me tell you guessimating the date will end in nightmares. Theres no relieable way to get subscription dates besides using the chat alerts because twitch doesnt care enough to add a changed_at / updated_at date to the API, which the community outroars for since ages.

Yeah, there are definitely flaws with the guesstimation, given its nature. I store the created_at date provided by the api, then I have another column to store the guessed date that just takes the months param sent in chat and takes it from the current date.

I then compare the two and if the difference is > 31 days then I provide the older one (which will always be the one generated from chat), however if its < 31 days, then I assume the user held onto the resub notification for a little while and I give the created_at date.

Not perfect, but it’s close enough for what we can get.

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