Subscription Gifting or Subs via API

I’m trying to make an offsite plugin that would allow programmatic gifting of tiered subs via the API.

i.e. A user can enter their username on the external site, and if they have met the right conditions (determined by conditional logic on that site) will be automatically gifted a certain tier sub from the twitch account of the site owner through Subscription Gifting.

I can’t find reference to this in the API docs and wondered if this is possible, and if so how to best implement it.

If not, is there a way to gift a paid sub to another user via API?


You can’t

No, this involves purchasing via the Payment flows.

Which requires verification/validation to confirm user intent before money is transferred.

Thank you for your reply. Is this not possible through authenticating via OAuth or similar on the API, as the gifting user (but not the recipient) would be the site owner in this case?

Or are payment flows completely separated from the API?


Yes, to prevent automation of theft of money from peoples bank accounts.

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