Subscriptions Beta Changes

@swiftyspiffy That’s correct. All first time subs are sent via TwitchNotify immediately until we remove TwitchNotify. After removal, all subs are sent as USERNOTICE when the user clicks the button. :slight_smile:


Cool, thanks!

Couple questions 1 right now before TwitchNotify is removed are you still pushing out USERNOTICE as well like if i shange up everything now for just UserNotice will it work and second if it wont work entirley yet do you have a rough estimate on when twitchnotify will be removed i have a script rigght now in a channel that just goes off of what twitchnotify puts out for new subs and USERNOTICE for re subs just want to know if i can change it all now or if i should wait cause it also keeps a sub count for the streamer and i just dont want the count getting messed up for him if a sub doesnt get noticed by the script

Thank you in advance for your Reply

To get an accurate subscription count once Twitchnotify is gone you’ll have to poll the subscriptions HTTP API because users do not have to share their new subscription. Which you have to do anyway because there is no notification on unsubscribe.

well the sub count for the streamer is only for those that actually share their sub for that day then the next day its reset

You can change completely to USERNOTICE now if you’d like, @Flash0429. It follows the same rules as USERNOTICE for resubs. If the user chooses to share, it will show up in USERNOTICE. If they choose not to share, it won’t show up. We’ll be removing twitchnotify in the near future, but we’re still figuring out the right date to give folks time to move over. :slight_smile:

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This change seems like it would break a lot of new subscriber notifications if people don’t choose to share their new sub. Does the PubSub push the new sub even if they don’t share?

No, it doesn’t, @jordanmkasla2009. PubSub happens at the same time as USERNOTICE–when the user shares.

So in other words we shouldn’t rely on chat for new subscriber notifications once twitchnotify is removed since not every subscriber is going to share it. This seems like a terrible change imo

@jordanmkasla2009 Were you relying on chat for resubs? If so, you’ve been working under the same restriction. :slight_smile: If the user didn’t choose to share their resub, it didn’t go over USERNOTICE. This change simply unifies the sub and resub notifications into a single experience.

Awesome sounds great thank you for the reply

I suspect it will cause some initial confusion but, way less confusion than we have during this transitionary period of having both twitchnotify and USERNOTICE for new subscribers.

is there anyway to poll subscribers by subscription level? Like it shows on the Revenue tab of the dashboard? Or would i need to iterate through all of my subscribers and use the sub_plan for count…

@BigGeek06 No way to get a list by level at this time. You’d need to grab the list and iterate for sub_plan info.

So the new system gives the subscriber the option to never announce/share their subscription? Am i understanding that correctly?

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Yes if the subscriber wants the broadcaster to know about a new subscription they’ll have to share it. The only way to get all new subscribers regardless of if they share or not is by polling the subscriptions endpoint for the channel.


@DallasNChains if the subscribe pubsub topic is only triggered when a user shares their sub/resub, and the share is posted in public chat, why does the topic require an oauth scope??

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Will there be an endpoint to know the highest tier of emotes a partner has achieved?

Are the chat changes not live yet? I’m not seeing the new msg-param-sub-plan stuff

The new plan system is in opt-in beta right now I believe, don’t think all partners have it yet.