Subscriptions Beta Changes

I do have it though

Are there any plans to allow for knowing when there are new subs and resubs without the user having to click the share button. It’s an important aspect for many streamers I know to be able to thank those who sub and show their appreciation, and with that moving to only show when they click share, or having to parse through all subs for new ones is not the best experience.

I see this as the same as calling out lurkers. If I want to sub and not share it. It should be my choice. I usually wait until they go offline to follow cause I don’t want to be acknowledged.

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Isn’t the point of the share button to let the user decide if and when they want the stream to know though? And even if the sub would pop up immediately, what if the user then decides to share it with a message? Should it pop up a second time?

I wonder if this also means that in Host / Auto Host messages will also break soon? So far I have noticed that Auto Hosts no longer appear in chat.

I’ve also had streamers I do work for ask about auto-host not showing up anymore…

Break no.

Allow people to lurk sub. Yes.

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You check with BTTV off? Or you pulling raw broadcaster chat?

I did notice I didn’t get a notification in my chat from a few hosts during my last stream. Auto-hosts being omitted would explain it… :thinking:

@DBKynd A user can choose to not share their sub/resub. It’s only published in chat right now because we haven’t removed twitchnotify. Once it is removed, it’ll be completely up to the user to decide to share.

@sirakain We’re looking into exposing the sub points total in an endpoint. Will keep you posted!

@abney317 They’ve been live since the new subscription options were launched. You might be missing an IRC capability?

@D0cR3d No. Resubs have been using this same system since June 20th of last year, so this just expanded that system to new subs and is a consolidation for devs.

@ankhheart @3ventic @BarryCarlyon Get back to you on autohost notifications.

Yup, I’m in understanding that twitchnotify is not fully depreciated. That wasn’t quite my question. Would you mind giving it a re-read? It was about scopes. After twitchnotify is removed, and a user shares a sub/resub, it’ll post in public twitch chat with the tier data ($X.99), but I’m confused why that data is behind an oauth scope with the pubsub system. Since it seems all the data in passed to IRC, once shared by the user. Thanks!

Oh I guess the sub-plan stuff only shows on the sub alert messages not all messages that the users send, right?
Guess I can grab the info from the regular API then instead of through the irc messages

Edit: Actually I just checked the API as well and I’m using “ ID/subscriptions/user ID” The sub_plan fields are not there either for me

@abney317 Correct. Sub plan is only on the sub message. For the API, the data is only available in v5 of the API. Your screenshot shows v3 (or v4).

@DBKynd There are multiple reasons that I won’t dive into here as they’re platform implementation details. It boils down to security, privacy, and future evolution of the platform. The way a system works today isn’t necessarily true of how it’ll work tomorrow*. :slight_smile:

*For all values of tomorrow equal to +infinity minutes from today. :stuck_out_tongue:

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OK, thanks for the reply.
I was thinking it would have to do with future details/implementation because nothing here, currently, is different than what is shared in IRC chat. Kind of a bummer though cause I was excited to start using PUB/SUB for more of my automated stuff, and it seemed you guys were also wanting people to not have to monitor IRC chat as much.
So maybe a feature request for an additional PUB/SUB topic for only the publicly shared sub/resub data? Even if the tier info was not available in this new topic, that would be fine. Just the triggered event with time stamp and user/display_name/id would be enough for most people I would think.
I’ll just continue to monitor USERNOTICE messages in the meantime.
Thanks again. :thumbsup:

@DallasNChains Will we ever get to see the current months-in-a-row trough the api pretty please? :thinking:

I anticipate that Twitch is actually trying to determine a way to prevent people who are not authorised by the broadcaster from scraping sub/resub counts anonymously.

Probably related (Chat only shows autohosts with +1 viewers)

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And you’re certain you’re using v5 right?

I’m using[channel ID]/subscriptions?oauth_token=[token]&api_version=5

and it’s returning sub_plan values, but they all appear as 1000 even though some of the subs are Prime.

Do I need to do anything differently to get Prime subs differentiated?


Prime subs show up as 1000 in the API.