Subscriptions list?

How can I get the list of user’s subscriptions? Of course I can get a list folowed channels and check each of them for subscription but this can lead to a large number requests to twitch api. Are there any other options?

Hi @hihihaha

You want to check out this endpoint for that.

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@Cookie - That endpoint doesn’t return the users subscriptions, but the subscribers of a channel instead.
What he would be looking for is this endpoint, but that doesn’t return a list of a users subscriptions.

@hihihaha - I don’t think it’s possible to do something like this at this current time.

@Decicus Ah I misread his question. Sorry for the confusion @hihihaha.

That said, I am not aware of any endpoint offering a list of subscriptions for a user.

The only way to get this information is when they post a message in a channel you are monitoring, while you have TWITCHCLIENT 3 activated.

:jtv! PRIVMSG #monstercat :EMOTESET nightbot [27,42,50,74,75,76,105,189,516,538,554,646,748,793,886,1031,1570,1693,1838,1925,2072,2156,2212,2406,2456,2462,3347,3606,3865,4589,4692,5395,5449,5478,5504,5581,6118,6476,6495,6535,7055,7390,7747,7921,8599,9203,9750,10212,10449]

The emotesets correlate to a subscribed channel, but I can’t remember what endpoint tells you this. Perhaps there’s a better solution to your problem if you share why you need such a list.

EDIT: this third-party endpoint maps emotesets to channels:

If anyone else is interested in this, I created a suggestion on twitch.uservoice so u can vote for it -

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