Suggestion about follow commands

Hello, everyone!

I had an idea. You know, there’s this little command, which most bots have called “!follow” to shout out other broadcasters too and tell people to follow them, but… It seems useless, honestly. I mean, who actually clicks on that specific broadcaster’s profile link to follow them? I know, you could just click on his/her name to follow, but what if that person decided to just lurk and drop a host instead of actually talking?

So, to “fix” that, is there any way you could make it so the “@” would make that person’s name clickable, the same way you’d be able to click on their name in chat?

It just seems useless to have the !follow commands, when no one’s actually gonna open the link and follow channels that way.

Thank you for taking your time to read my suggestion.

– Rocker

Feature requests should be posted to Twitch’s UserVoice:

Oh, didn’t know about that. Thank you for redirecting me to the right place!

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