[Suggestion] Add a button to pop out the Live configuration on the configuration page

After talking to some streamers I noticed that some of them don’t know they can manage extensions from their dashboard or where to find the extensions on the dashboard.

This lead to some streamer thinking an extension doesn’t work because they don’t know they can access the management tool.

I thought that adding a button to the live configuration from the configuration page could ease the work on the streamer to find where to manage the extension.
This would also easily engage the people using tools like Streamlabs to manage their stream and who don’t use the dashboard at all.

For example, it could be like this and just pop up the live config window.

When the extension is not activated, the button would simply be not clickable

Another solution would be to add a button on the extension manager when the extension is activated

The idea is really to group everything needed for extension in one place, or at least have an indication that there is a live config.