[Suggestion] .ban <user> <reason>


A thought occurred to me the other day and I don’t see it mentioned elsewhere, so…

I would like to see the ability to provide an optional short reason when a user is banned. A ban is intended as a permanent removal of a user from a channel, as opposed to a temporary timeout, so I’m suggesting it for bans only, syntax as above, and not intended to be visible to the banned user.

In addition to the chat command, I’d like to see the reason appended to the “Banned Chatters” list at the bottom of http://twitch.tv/settings/channel accompanied by a “remove all bans without a reason” button (and ideally an “unban all” button, not having to rely on BTTV), the idea being to allow a caster to easily decide whether or not to remove a ban.

Any thoughts?

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Can Twitch add IRCv3 metadata to the CLEARCHAT message with all this information?

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