[Suggestion] current title shown in webchat on join

While I’m at it, might as well mention another thing while I remember it!

Mobile users can’t see the title for a stream. Upon entering webchat, can the current title be displayed right after the “Welcome to the chat room!” message? Not necessarily even limiting to just mobile users.

I’d also quite like to show updates to the title in chat, too, like a real IRC channel topic change would, but I appreciate this isn’t exactly a standard IRC implementation, so consider this part a wishlist item.


If this is something you would like for your viewers, then just have a bot answer to a “title” command and let it announce title changes.

Edit: General suggestions for Twitch should be emailed to feedback@twitch.tv, however.

For the announce-topic-change part, yeah, I guess that would do. I’d still like to see chat users being forced to view the current title when they first connect to chat, though.

Category definition for Chat: Discussion pertaining to our chat system. Feature requests, bugs, and suggestions for both the IRC interface and web APIs are welcome!

… so I figured it belonged here.

I never realized there was a contradiction to the category definition for Web/Help

As for the announcement only Twitch could implement this, save for a browser plugin like BTTV that can populate the chat window with this text.

Honestly, I think this is a weakness in the design of the Twitch mobile applications. The apps themselves should handle this.

While this might be an addition that is somewhat useful for development of some stuff, in most cases it would be an unnecessary duplication of data, and a lack in separation of concerns.

The issue is not that the app lacks the information, it’s that it simply doesn’t display it.

And as such, I would deem this suggestion as a general one, rather than one of relevance for the Twitch third party developers programme.
It’s not that we’re being pricks and don’t want to listen, it’s just that this forum has a specific focus, and we believe you should send your thoughts to those who work with this type of feedback. We’re different people with different concerns.

last time I checked, it WAS in the mobile apps (title) it’s just hidden behind a option under settings…

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