Suggestion for Chat: Recently visited Channels and Bookmarks

When I leave a broadcasters channel, there is no other way to see chat other than joining the channel again or using an irc-client.
My suggestion is to make it possible to join a chatroom different from the broadcaster you’re not currently viewing.
Why would this be benefitial?
People with slow connections are usually able to spectate only one channel at the time. If you could swap easily between the chatrooms, you can get a good idea of what’s happening and switch so you won’t miss anything.

A negative aspect of this, is that it would increase the number of people in chatrooms and more spam is probably safe to say will happen.

What do you think about being able to join a different chatroom than the channel you are viewing?

Do you realised that you can set source to mobile and lower the bitrate? You can also stop the stream and just look at the chat so imo, this makes no sense at all. Twitch chat’s spam protection wouldnt allow a bot to redirect every single message from another channel (you can’t send 2 messeges in the same second as far as I know).

You can simply use the popout chat:

I don’t really know what Twitch are going for with the new group chats, but since they are already working on some kind of room switching functionality, I don’t really see why they couldn’t let people ‘pin’ a couple other chat rooms, just like the way group chat rooms are saved and switched between.

Edit: Also, this is the developer forums, which is not the place for general feature suggestions/discussion.