Suggestion : Major/Minor update & update notification system


One thing that could be great to inform streamers of the updates and also ease the work of the review team would be to add a minor/major update system for extensions.

The idea is when you create a new version of your extension you have to mark it as “Major” or “Minor”.

  • Major updates should add a new feature or brings important changes to the extensions.
  • Minor updates should be bug fixes, CSS improvement, etc.

With this, the review team would have more information to estimate how many extension requires a lot of work or if they will be quicker to review. It will also help developers to organize there work.

But another point of this would be to use this to notify streamers using the updated extension when the update is released.

  • Major update: notify all streamer that installed the extension
  • Minor update: notify all streamer that activated the extension

To go with the notification system, developers would have to provide a public changelog with each update, it would be different from the changelog for the review team.
The public changelog will have to explain to the streamers what is new on the update.

This would not add a lot of work for developers but help streamers and give more information to the review team.

Thanks for the feedback, @Breci!
I’ll pass this suggestion over to the review team.

This would be really useful.