[Suggestion] Twitch side extension asset obfuscation


I’ve recently been treading the fine line between compiling typescript and minification/obfuscation in my extension submissions. I know there is a process in which to submit the source zip file with build commands, external exports for webpack and providing min and non min third parties within the zip. At the end of the day with the turn around time of extension approval, It all becomes a bit of a gamble with a pass or reject.

What I would like (happy to be technically corrected if wrong) is that an optional flag to be included with a version that any uploaded asset would minify/obfuscate the js files on twitches back end before putting it on their cdn. At this point I wouldn’t care about getting mapping files back, just a middle ground where when its pushed for hosted-testing or production it will have minified the code but the raw code is available for checking in the approval process.


Sounds like you need a feature request


Ah, thanks. Posted on uservoice, happy to delete this thread.

No need to delete in case someone has the same thought :smiley:

Probably just post the uservoice here as a reply

Thanks for the assist!

The post is Twitch side extension asset obfuscation – Twitch UserVoice