Tags API - Incomplete Data

Hi All - I was looking at the Tags API and was planning to build some integration. However, I am noting inconsistent data between the API results and the tags shown on the twitch channel page. The API is typically returning fewer tags than those visible on the channel page.

e.g. for the streamerhouse channel, the API only returns two tags (English and 100%), however the channel page shows 5 tags (missing tags are RPG, Shooter, Open World)

Is this a known issue and if so, is there any planned date for the fix? Or am I missing something?

API endpoints I am using to get tags are:

I thought remember reading a thread that stated tags applied by a specific game are not included in that API.

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Basically API is not returning the tags you can’t set as they are forced by game selection

Interesting … I would have expected the GET request to show everything and the is_auto flag to determine tags which are automatically set and can’t be changed.

It does for language, but not for the game forced tags.


Game tags just seem to be ommited across the whole API

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