Tags for messages triggered by chat commands

So we recently had some discussion about tags for messages that originate from commands, and I would love to see them be aligned with what we get for PRIVMSGs (where applicable), namely:


For example, a typical CLEARCHAT looks like

@ban-duration=600;ban-reason= :tmi.twitch.tv CLEARCHAT #kbenni :frankerzbenni

With my suggestions, it would look more like

@ban-duration=600;ban-reason=;display-name=FrankerZBenni;room-id=49186350;user-id=87354922;id=24d225d7-7b4a-4f2e-8656-a603e3745156 :tmi.twitch.tv CLEARCHAT #kbenni :frankerzbenni

Similar things apply to pretty much all other commands, HOSTTARGET, ROOMSTATE and others.
If we are to move to IDs instead of channel names and want to prevent buggy, unreliable and redundant caching of username<->id as well as API scraping, these would be more than just nice to have.

Is this in the realm of possibility? What problems could this bring (if any)


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