Taking screenshots of TwitchTV's live player?

Hi, I was wondering if it’s possible to programmatically take a screenshot of an embedded active live stream. For example, if I embed a live player on my website and I press a button, a screenshot of the current frame is taken and saved temporarily.

I did some research on the topic but it seems that most plugins involving Javascript does not support screen capture involving Flash objects. One suggestion I received was to ‘embed’ the live player in a SWF (?) so that it can be accessed with existing libraries but I have no idea how that works.


Embedding the live player in a swf isn’t supported by Twitch, so it’s unlikely you’ll get support by going that route. If this isn’t meant to be a widely used tool, could you use the HTML5 player instead? It’s easy to take a screenshot of a video tag using javascript.

I tried to find out more about the HTML5 player but it appears that it’s only available for mobile platforms? Is there a way to access the HTML5 player on a non-mobile platform?

I tried the method here but it seems that the player is still running on Flash.

Safari on Mac is just about the only desktop browser that supports H.264 over HLS.

After a few weeks of researching, it seems that I’m at a dead end finding a solution for Flash player and I might just have to make do with HTML5.

I was wondering one thing; how does Twitch grab screenshots of streamers for the Live Channels pages?