Tap Tap Mod Helper

This recruitment is for a clicker mini-game where the user is encouraged to blast away enemies in the form of comments deemed innapropiate for the stream. Customisable depending on each particular channel’s culture.

This is the first time i’ll be working on extensions, hence some patience is strongly adviced :face_with_head_bandage:.

So you want people to shoot stuff that against TOS/rules of the channel.

After it’s been removed from the channel for breaking TOS/Rules of the channel.

Which then means you are breaking TOS and the rules of the channel?

How would you know what NOT to say?

Still, for the most conservatives, an option to instead shoot random characters or phrases that are reminiscent of inappropriateness would be available (e.g. you #/^#&*, @$^# *&^$). Hence why I stated that it is to be customized according to each channel’s culture.

Let it be noted that the mini-game is meant to be independently shown for each user.

By the use of the phrase you inferred players would be shooting at comments that had been removed at chat.

Basically showing players messages that had been removed from chat.

So if players are not shooting at they they are just shooting at random sprites that contain censored statements?