Test account is Shadow Ban?

Hello ! :slight_smile:
I am developping some features for my stream and I need to send messages to see if everything work.
So, for this, I need to spam a littlebit my chat.
But now, after some messages, I can’t even see any messages from my test account inside the twitch chat…

So I guess this account is shadow ban by Twitch, and I would like to know how I can unban this account.

Thank you so much for your help ! :slight_smile:

Do they show up when you reload the chat?

This sound like the mystery quiet chat bug where it just sits on messages in the queue

No they doesn’t, I can see them when I’m on the test account inside the twitch chat, but inside OBS Studio and in my application which listen to chat messages, I have nothing… :confused:

Check the raw responses sent to your bot to see if you are recieving any NOTICE or USERNOTICE that you are not logging/processing

ComfyJS.onChat = (user, command, message, flags, extra) => {
    console.log(user, command, message, flags, extra);

I use ComfyJS, and normaly this line is giving me all the informations about the message. When I send a message via my account insode OBS Studio, it’s working and the console show the informations about the message.
But with the test account inside Twitch, I have nothing… :confused:

You need to consume the NOTICEs and USERNOTICEs which respond to an attempt PRIVMSG.

Okay I don’t know what it is and where to find those, but it seems to work now after few moments, I can send messages with the test account :slight_smile:

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