Testing Accounts Whitelist Not Allowing Tester Access

Prior to TC 2018, the account ids I had listed in my whitelist for testing accounts were able to test my extension.

These same accounts cannot see or test my current extension under development.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Did you try resaving the extension settings, it was operating fine for me yesterday?

Thank you for the reply Barry.

Yes I removed all the ids and added just one to test. That person still could not see the new version under development. I had them clear their browser also. Moreover, I whitelisted a streamer yesterday to try to demonstrate my new extension. That was her first time installing the new version, so I am ruling out browser caching as an issue.

I will contact support. They changed something will my account and that possibly could be the issue if it’s working correctly for others.

Let’s see if I can help out.

Let me start by saying that the testing whitelist for an extension has nothing whatsoever to do with Twitch user account settings. Nothing. Zip. Nada.

The most common problem that is encountered here is that in the dev site, when you edit the testing white list, you need to first take your extension out of “hosted test”, edit the testing whitelist, and then move it back into “hosted test”. Whitelist edits are applied to your extension when a state transition occurs.

Please let me know whether this makes sense!

Thanks for the reply rbartlet.

I’ll test in a hosted state and see if that resolves things.

@rbartlet This concerns me since I am having this problem. My extension is in Local Test and won’t be moving into Hosted Test until I’ve finished the first version. How am I supposed to trigger a state change to get the system to recognize the change in the Tester whitelist/access settings?

Isn’t this a bug?

You have necro-ed a thread thats not your on a different issue.

if your extension is in local test, then the whitelist will just accept the new whitelist. If it’s not working then you did something wrong with the data you entered. Please start a new thread and not necro this thread.

Additionally: it’s likely the issue was that you were entering usernames instead of userID’s as per the discussion on Discord

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