Testing bits leaderboard endpoint

I’m writing an extension that uses the https://api.twitch.tv/helix/bits/leaderboard endpoint to list top bits donators for the current channel, however I need a way to verify that I’m correctly hitting that endpoint and getting back a list of the top bits.

Is there a way to test this endpoint with some sort of test account that returns back a list of fake donations? My channel is not a partner, so I can’t receive bits on my channel to test the endpoint. I’m also not looking for my extension to have monetization. I just want to show the top donations for that channel, not to actually have my extension receive donations. I just need to be able to hit that endpoint and get back some fake data on bits received.

Similarly, is there a way to test the https://api.twitch.tv/helix/subscriptions endpoint to get the current subscribers, without being a twitch partner? Thanks for the help!

The only way to use those endpoints is to work with an Twitch affiliate or partner. Alternatively you could just create mock data based on examples in the docs to test your functions as the docs have enough info to simulate the process.

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Thanks for your reply. Is there no test environment, or way to create a test account to simulate having bit cheers or subscribers? It seems like a strange requirement to have developers need to either be an affiliate or partner, or find/work with someone who is, rather than have developers able to simulate this.

While the documentation does cover what the returned data looks like, it would nice to test this against twitch itself instead of a mocked endpoint.

It has been suggested before by some devs that it could be nice to have a sandbox for testing these sort of things, but that’s not something currently on the roadmap and everyone has made do perfectly fine so far by just creating mock data based on the docs to test their functions.

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