Testing extension other than in the developer's rig

I created an extension which is currently hosted on my local machine.

I installed it and activated

I expected that when I started streaming, I would see my extension in my own channel, which is not happening.

I don’t see the extension at all. Does this mean there is something wrong with the extension, or is it normal that if it is in testing mode on local machine, I don’t see anything.

I also tried uploading the files, and still nothing was visible (I zipped the files INSIDE the dist folder, not the folder itself)

Is it possible to test there?

Else, how can I test without the rig?

It’s certainly possible to test on Twitch while in local testing, so if nothing is showing up it is likely an error within your code that is preventing it from loading (extensions running on Twitch have more strict requirements for them to work correctly than the rig).

Open your browsers dev tools and look for errors and in the console to see what the issue may be.

Thank you, I was missing the config.html and live_config.html files

I added them and now it is visible. I might have been that