Testing if Twitch usernames exist, now broken

I had a feature in an application that would allow someone to put in a list of twitch usernames and it would use /users?login=... to test if they were all real twitch usernames. Recently my code broke because I was just using the client id from my twitch app to do this. Now it looks like I need to use OAuth to use this feature. Is there an alternative way to do this that won’t require managing tokens, giving an account access, etc. as I’m not trying to look at any private details?

No. All of Helix requires using an oAuth token now.

You can use an App Access Token which is for server to server requests

So should I just make a dummy account and hard code the refresh token into my app? There is no reason for my users to have to link their twitch account, or to even have a twitch account for that matter. guess I got to figure out how to use this app access token

No you can generate a server to server token, which doesn’t represent a user

thank you. still not very comfortable with OAuth yet, it’s quite a beast.