The daily "sandbox simulator" request thread ;)

Elllo you lovelies! <3

No kidding, this is just to beg for the sandbox simulator again (yeah, there are some threads regarding this, I know, I am sorry :confused: ).
Please, that would be just too good.

Beside that, does anyone know anything regarding the future of PubSub vs Webhooks?
Afaik Webhooks are kinda “more established” and the functionality provided by both seems similar, i.e. kinda duplicate codebase to maintain?

What I’ve found regarding the future of PubSub was more than vague. On the other hand PubSub does offer more functionality atm… Any updates on that (links?) would be nice. Thanks a lot!

Ouh yeah, and btw, we’re happily looking forward to the “Sandbox Simulator” that allows us pleb devs to simulate the different events! :wink: :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for all of your great work and effort!! :slight_smile:

Don’t compare PubSub vs Webhooks. They are different services for meeting different needs. If there’s any updates planned for either of them that are public they’ll be either on the roadmap, posted on this forum, or the docs.

As for simulating events, the docs are usually pretty good with examples and specifications of what to expect so you can build your own events to simulate various parts of functionality yourself.

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