The embedded player and the click on video redirect


Due to the response I received on a reddit post I made, I wanted to post a topic about it here as well:

The click-on-video-redirects-to-Twitch-channel “feature”. I have quoted a comment I posted a few hours ago, since it explains my frustration quite well.

Comment I made:

Something that really frustrates me about the integrated Twitch streams (not on your end, but on Twitch’s) is that they force the redirect to the Twitch stream page when you click the video, instead of doing as YouTube and have a smaller logo in some corner that will link to the page on their site. Of course they want to make as much money as possible, and generate as much traffic as they possibly can, but it is really annoying being redirected from better sites just because you either accidentally click the video or double click to attempt to get the video in full screen.

And the rest of the message:

When I write “better sites”, what I mean is the ones showing additional information et cetera, that I am not able to fully enjoy the stream without.
A solution to this issue in my opinion would be as suggested to use the perfectly fine Twitch logo in the top right corner of the stream to redirect to the Twitch channel page, instead of having the entire video do so.

Another issue I found in the meantime is that a lot of people are used to being able to click the video to pause it (again, YouTube), which causes severe frustration when suddenly redirected.

deezjavu added a comment to this on Reddit:

There’s no need for the entire player to be the “redirect” region. Furthermore it brakes consistency as it is not expected behavior and it does behave differently on the website.
It breaks the expected behavior: click to pause (as on YT for instance) and the double click to fullscreen (as with any other player on the planet).
Having one action doing two different things is a big usability no-no.
Last but not least it breaks 3rd party applications that want to make use of the embedded player and are therefor forced to use workarounds or other means to display Twitch streams.
It’s just very bad practice.

moocaten, developer of MooBot, commented as well (I would put a link here, but 2 link limit), requesting me to post here:

Completely agree. You should forward this and /u/DeezjaVu [+1]'s comment to and/or the Twitch dev forums if you haven’t already.

Thank you all very much for the read. Feedback appreciated.

I’m not sure if posting here (and everywhere else on the internet) will do you much good. These forums get quite a bit of traffic, and not many staff really invest time in coming here (it’s mostly just community advice and support). I’d open a Github issue about it at and it will eventually be looked into (but at least won’t be lost in the shuffle).

I will try doing so as well. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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