The new Twitch API docs are live

In case you missed it, our documentation for the new Twitch API went live yesterday. Check it out! Log into the developer site to registry an application and get started.

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Thank you! I just got the email.

A quick note - when JavaScript isn’t enabled, the examples become near impossible to read because the fallback colours for when syntax highlighting isn’t used are extremely similar: Background is #efeef1, while text colour is #dddddd. Here’s how that looks (from the “Get Users” endpoint docs):

This only occurs when JavaScript is disabled or not loaded from “”; the syntax highlighting will work properly when this is enabled, so I recognise this probably isn’t a priority to fix, but I thought it might be worth pointing out!

Other things:

  • I’m a little confused as to what is meant by:

    The new Twitch API uses the existing Twitch authentication system, and
    it allows the use of application tokens for API calls. These application
    tokens allow you to make an API request on behalf of your application
    rather than on behalf of a user.

    When you say “the existing Twitch authentication system”, do you mean the same system as used in V5? I can’t see much information on the specifics used in this API.

  • Are other API endpoints planned in the future? It looks like there are only 5 endpoints in this version, which is a little worrying. (As far as I can see, there also appears to be no way to convert a game_id from /helix/streams into a string of the game name, which I would consider essential functionality.)

The current v5 authentication remains, but from my understanding there is now more of a reason to use app access tokens as as the new docs mentions:

Each client ID is granted a total of 30 queries per minute (if an OAuth token is not provided) or 120 queries per minute (if an OAuth token is provided), across all new Twitch API queries. If this limit is exceeded, an error is returned: HTTP 429 (Too Many Requests).

Which if I understand correctly means that if we had an app that for example is needing data on thousands of users, then using an app access token in this case would allow for 120 queries/min.

If you check out the Roadmap they have the games API (and several others) in their ‘exploring’ section. So it is reasonable to assume that translating a game_id to game name will be coming, but might be some ways off.

Thank you for the reply!

So it looks like Twitch are looking into (but haven’t yet started work on) the Clips Creation API, Games API, and Video API, but don’t seem to yet be looking into other APIs such as the Teams API or Communities API.

Thank you again for the response!

Thanks for the feedback about the code highlighting. I’ll pass this along to the team.

Apologies for the confusion around the authentication docs. When written, the authentication guide only applied to v5 and therefore was included in v5 docs. In reality, our authentication system is a broader product and not tied to a specific version of the API. We plan to move it from /docs/v5/authentication to /docs/authentication soon. @Dist’s additional info about rate limits is also super helpful!

@Dist is also spot on with the roadmap. That’s where we’ll be sharing our progress and future plans for the API.

The authorization method needs to be updated in the docs.

Currently it says to use: -H 'Authorization: OAuth cfabdegwdoklmawdzdo98xt2fo512y'
This is wrong. It should say -H 'Authorization: Bearer cfabdegwdoklmawdzdo98xt2fo512y'

Specifies the OAuth vs. Bearer in Authorization header. Needs fixing in the New API reference examples though.

This may sound dumb. But I only see an overview at that link? I would love to use some of the new stuff. But for some reason it is not letting me see the new docs. Are there requirements?

Edit: Ok so I assume the webhooks docs are just not finished. I found the other stuff. But I was only looking for the follower webhooks.

The Roadmap show that webhooks are still in process are not live yet, so no docs for them or the rest of the API that’s still to come. The docs for webhooks were up recently and a few of us got a look at them, but that was in error and they were removed again.

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