The point that I don't know where to refer to client_secret of Get an OAuth token

Hi How Were you.
It’s honestly a pain in the ass with all the poorly explained documentation. If you would have stated it properly from the beginning, people wouldn’t be asking so many questions. You’ve got to do better than this.
The point that I don’t know where to refer to client_secret of Get an OAuth token.

curl -X POST "" ^
-H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" ^
-d "client_id=<your client id goes here>&client_secret=<your client secret goes here>&grant_type=client_credentials"

Please refer to the Authentication Documentation. It explains how to create an app, where to find your client id and client secret, and what HTTP requests you need to make.

It even includes example apps in Node.js and Go, and the step by step walk through of each OAuth flow includes a table of what params are needed, example requests, and examples responses.

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Never has been a problem for me, and I’m referring to documentation from 10 years ago when I started Twitch stuff and it’s only go better from there

What do you mean by “refer to” here.

I have a feeling there is a language barrier here based on the way you word things and you are using google translate

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