The stream title into the link preview isn't updated

I’m using, I’m getting when people go live but the problem is that when I send the link of the stream to notify that someone is gone live, the link preview isn’t never updated, old titles are always displayed. How can I solve the problem?

Send the link where?

That would be up to the service you are putting the link into to clear it’s cache thereof, examples of this being Discord, Slack, Twitter, etc

Or you can add gibberish to the end of the link, to make $service think it’s a new link and to refetch the meta data for the page

I’m sending the link over Telegram on group chats and channels too.

This is not displaying anything a part of a big “yes”

That wouldn’t be a cool idea since I’m using to short the links and get click anylithics (changing the link would change the short link too)

Telegram is caching the title from yesterday


Then you are stuck, telegram fetches the preview from which fetches the preview from Twitch.

Telegram is caching is caching Twitch

You have two layers of caching.

Twitch/this forum can’t fix it, only telegram and then can

So the best thing I can do is to get all the information directly from Twitch API and create the message as I want.

I don’t know what telegram supports. So sure.

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