The Twitch developer forums update; things to know

This week we completed a migration for the Twitch developer forums (i.e. this website) and it is no longer in read-only mode! While there should be little to no difference, we wanted to mention a few caveats to be aware of in case any action is required for a seamless transition with no disruption in how you take advantage of the forums.

Browser Notifications

If you relied on browser notifications for announcements, mentions, or replies, you may need to re-enable this feature to continue receiving these messages. You will see a dismissible banner at the top of the forums if this is the case to opt-in once again.

Receiving Emails

The address for automated emails from the forums (e.g. mentions, digests, password changes) has been updated to Due to this change, you may need to check your spam folder for expected messages or update any inbox filters you may have created for these communications.

GitHub Login

With these updates, we made the decision to remove the option to authenticate with a GitHub account. If GitHub was your only authentication method for the developer forums, you can still log into your account. You can do this by either entering the same email address associated with your GitHub account at login and select the password reset option, or log in via Twitch or Google if those accounts use the same email address as your GitHub account.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here or join the TwitchDev Discord Server.


The Enable Notifications button on /preferences/notifications doesn’t do anything for me?

You might have missed the browser prompt

You can refind it here


It actually wasnt showing me this option… til I restarted my laptop. All sorted now. Thanks.