The Twitch Developer Quarterly Survey

In order to provide an awesome developer experience that meets the expectations and needs of the community, we need to learn from the community itself. Feedback tools such as UserVoice and GitHub Issues are helpful for ongoing recommendations, but we also want to take a step back to look at the big picture every so often to see where to steer the ship.

For this reason, we have established the Twitch Developer Quarterly Survey! Every few months, we will distribute a survey to understand the current state of the Twitch developer experience and ask about products under consideration. While it may not be possible to implement every recommendation, we want to make sure we’re heading in a direction that solves the community’s needs to build innovative solutions for broadcasters and viewers.

Please take a few minutes at your convenience to answer some questions about developing with Twitch. Did we mention we’re offering a random prize drawing for those who participate? :smirk:

Take the Survey