The Twitch Developer Show – What content would you like to see and when?

I’ve been working with @DallasNChains on the Twitch Developer Show and we’d like your input on what we cover and when. If you missed it, we started by streaming at GDC – now we’re aiming for a monthly live show to discuss the latest news for those who develop with the Twitch platform.

We are currently considering segments to cover such topics as product updates from the past month, interviews with developers, coding examples, staff picks, common questions, and upcoming events. What else would you like to see that may not be included in these areas? Which would you like to see more of?

Considering a schedule, we could stick to a specific day and time (e.g. the first Wednesday of the month, at 1:00pm EST / 10:00am PST), but we also want to be considerate of our international audience. What time works for you? Should we consider alternating our stream time on a monthly basis to optimize for Europe and Asia, or would this be confusing?

Thanks for your feedback and we look forward to going live soon!

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Updates on what has changed over the month would be nice. This way if we miss a forum post we can have a good way of finding out what’s new. Also, any insight on what’s on the road map would be a nice little interesting bit. Basically everything that you guys are already considering covers everything that I would personally want covered.

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To satiate my own curiosity, I think it’d be fairly interesting to show some stats as well. For example, with the recent allowance of username changes, I’d be interested to see how many users underwent the name change during the first month. It’d give a bit of indication on how many users wanted to do the process.

I am unsure if those are tracked or if the team is willing/able to provide the stats, but I know that at least I would be interested in a little snippet for it.

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We’ll definitely keep this in mind and share any information that can be communicated publicly.

In terms of stats, how quickly people are converting to v5 might be good.

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