The x button on a the Twitch Window

Hi Guys,

As a Co-Developer of Software I find it weird that the Close Button (the x button) on your Main Form only minimizes Twitch. The main purpose of that button is to Close the Application. Its the same for using Tab to Tab through all textboxes instead of Enter. Enter is for Multi line Textboxes. I would expect Twitch to close with the x on the Top Right Hand corner, or at least ask me to quit at least… Don’t just minimize me down. Think about it… There is a button for it.


If you are on about the TwitchApp, it’s actually common for Communications utilities (including slack, and discord for example) to close to task bar instead of quitting.

Further more, it’s a preference that you can change:

However in all Other instances the x button means close the app. Why even make a setting about it? Why not make a setting for maximize and minimize? Let it dock to the left or right if i hit Maximize?

Sorry your reasoning does not make sense.

I look forward to seeing your cross post complaining to Skype, Discord, Slack and other communication programs.

I want the window closed but I wish to remain connected to the $network in order to receive notifications or pings from my contacts.

Thats why the minimize button is there for duuh

Minimise and close to system tray are different things, please don’t confuse the two. As an example, I don’t want or need Skype taking up space on my taskbar when I’m not actively using it but I do want it to run in the background so I know when I get a message, not only that but by having it minimised to system tray (or notification area, whatever you want to call it) I can see my online status and change it if needed.

This is not a Twitch only thing. As Barry pointed out there are many communication apps that work exactly the same way, and to name a couple more there is the Launcher and the Steam client. They all have background functionality and don’t necessarily need to take up taskbar space when it’s preferable to just have them in the system tray, and common practice is to have that functionality tied in to the close button.


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