Third Party Renderer

Hey Guys,

I’m thinking about making a free Third Party Renderer. So the stream would go through my Servers render the stream and give it back to the Viewer.

Why ?
Because i recently moved to a place where only Mobile Net is Available (Shitty Internet with Traffic Limits).
And because there are much Streamers out there that deserve a renderer !

How (Not technical Version)?
First of the Streamer would have to register his stream to be allowed to get rendered.
If a viewer wants to get another stream rendered he can write in the chat. Or Make him aware with a Chat Bot that will come with the site. (So User X wants streamer Y stream rendered he suggest him on my Page my Bot will hop in this channel and write a message. Something like click my Profile to learn more about this project.

At some point (if the Project will ever reach) a decent Amount of “Customers” I will add a voting system. Or point System. That is needed since it is a total non Commercial project and i dont want to make any money with it.

So my question is :
Do you see the need of such service and would you use it?
Do you see any Problems with such Service ? (Twitch TOS for example)
Have you any suggestions ?

So i would be pretty happy about some feedback!

Thanks and best regards meat.

Yes I see a need. No I wouldn’t use it myself.
Yes, it’s technically rebroadcasting another’s stream, which is fine with permission I believe.
Consider why Twitch doesn’t transcode everyone already? It’s too damn expensive in computing and money costs. So if you are gonna do it how can you afford to do it. And you’ll get inundated with requests.

That at least is my opinion.

That is right.

I just ordered a Test Server at OVH (2x CPU Intel Xeon 2650) with that i hope i can render a few Stream hassle Free. :smile:

If the request amount is high and just before exploding.
I will add the Voting System…
The sad part is with that is that the small streamers will get lost again. :frowning: But i don’t see a better Solution.

Yup all the big casters who want it will send their community and BOOM.

Also Double the delay. So mobile users will lose chat interaction with the streamer!


I think the Delay will not be an Issue as long as the Service is small.

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